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Are you selling your home in Los Angeles County or Orange County? Crystalynn Thai, realtor can help maximize your profits and find the right buyer.

Sell With Confidence

When you sell your home with me, I will utilize my professional experience and knowledge to orchestrate a successful sale of your home. From listings to showings, I will be there with you every step of the way and help guide you to the best decision possible.

Selling Your Home

We will discuss the current real estate market, compare your home with other homes in the area, and what you can do to prepare your home to list on the marketplace. We will also discuss your home value expectation compared with the housing market to ensure you get the maximum value for your home.

Setting Your Homes Price

Pricing your home at the right price is vital during home selling. Through market research, I will find the right price for your home to maximize value while not pricing you out of the market.

Your Listing Agreement

After comparing your home with the fair market value, you will be given a listing agreement for you to execute in order to move forward with the transaction. We will discuss the details of the listing agreement before you actually agree on and sign. The listing agreement will be the driving force to act on your behalf and represent you to potential buyers.

Listing Your Home

In order to have your home exposed as much as possible to the public for more potential buyers, I suggest we take as many photographs of your home as possible to be sure you have enough appealing photos to list on the multiple listing service (MLS) and/or for advertisement in multiple places.

Showing Your Home

It is crucial to keep your house looking its best during this time. Getting rid of any excess belongings and keeping everything neat and tidy can be the difference between selling your home or not. We will discuss what will make your home shine the best and devise an action plan for staging your house to sell.

Getting An Offer

Not all offers are created equal, and the highest one is not always the best one. Once offers start flowing in for your home, I will promptly notify you so you can have more options to think about before deciding on which is the best one to accept. I will guide you in understanding a reasonable offer and why we may need to pass on others.

Our goal is to sell your home through the path of least resistance while getting the most out of your home’s value.

Accepting The Offer

Like buying a home, you will move into escrow and work towards your closing date. The house will be inspected, and an appraisal will need to be done to ensure the buyer is qualified for the loan to buy your home.

Your Role During Closing

It’s important to understand that things can change once an inspection is done, and if repairs need to be made, it is crucial to understand your options. We will work together to create the best resolution for all parties while still maintaining the highest price possible.

Each situation is unique, we will review all your options, and I will advise the best course of action for your circumstances.

The Final Walk Through

Five days before escrow closing, there will be one final home walk-through to verify its condition with the buyer. Any repairs and concessions should be completed for the buyer to inspect during this time.

Be Ready To Close

When it is time to close, we will go over everything you need to complete the sale of your home. We will review any documents that need to be gathered so the lender can fund the loan. Once all the escrow closing package documents have been signed by both parties, the lender will wire funds into your account. Then, you will need to hand over the keys.

What Else To Consider

Emotions can run high when you’re selling your home. Stay in good communication with your Agent so you are always on the same page. Do your best to slowly let go of the memories from the home because it can be hard to let go of the good memories surrounding the home.

Sell Your Home In California

If you are selling your home in Los Angeles or Orange County, I will put my expertise to work for you and help you get the most value out of your home. Schedule a consultation with me and find out how I can efficiently sell your home.

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